Meet Our Waiters

Something Unforgettable

Sexy & Charismatic

Topless Waiter, Nude Model

Darci Hughes

Height: 6'4"

The Kiwi Commando

Strength Of The Mountains

Topless Waiter, Nude Model

Lui Vuitton

Height: 6’1"

Latino Heat

The Only Border I Cross... Is The One To Your Heart

Topless Waiter, Nude Model

Cesar Ortiz

Height: 6’1"

The Athlete

Playful & Fun

Topless Waiter, Nude Model, Emcee

Connor Banks

Height: 6’1"

Your Inked Stud

Dashing & Daring

Topless Waiter

Ryan Jones

Height: 6’2"

The German

Might Spill Your Drink, But I Won't Break Your Heart

Topless Waiter

Jeff Guile

Height: 6'2"

Mr. Philippines

Sexy & Mysterious

Topless Waiter

Jam Sheppard

Height: 6’0"

Need For Speed

Fit & Gorgeous

Topless Waiter, Emcee

Alex Henry

Height: 5'11"


All Inclusive Drinks


3 Hr Unlimited Drinks Package & Nightclub Entry

3 Hrs of drinking, specialty seats to our Male Strip Show, topless waiters serving drinks, finger foods, your VIP brought up to the Hot Seat, and free nightclub entry.

Champagne & Show


Standard Entry Ticket to the hottest Male Strip Show in town.

General seating, topless waiters serving you and your friends Champagne upon arrival, your VIP brought to the Hot Seat, and free nightclub entry.

All Inc Booth Package


3 Hr Unlimited Drink Package with Nightclub Booth Service!

3 Hrs of drinking, VIP seats, a dedicated topless waiter, finger foods, your VIP brought up to the Hot Seat, free nightclub entry, After Party Booth & Bottle Service!