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Pertains to Sky Stripper stage shows, private events, and packages that have been provided by Sky Strippers.

The Stage Show

What To Expect

Sky Strippers is a male entertainment agency that provides patrons access to male stage show performances, entertainers for private functions, and other party packages. All patrons and guests must be over 18 years of age to enter, participate, and/or purchase any of Sky Strippers’ goods/services. A valid driver’s license/photo I.D. is required to enter a Sky Stripper stage show, function, or venue. Topless waiters will be roaming the venue and focusing their attention to their designated sections/VIP customers first, and then providing assistance/attention to other patrons. The show lasts approximately 3 hours and is typically followed by a nightclub experience in the same venue. All tickets purchased include complimentary access to the nightclub unless specified otherwise.

Stage Shows – Paying

Securing a booking/reservation for your party requires a minimum 20% deposit. A final headcount will be confirmed on the Monday, one week before the date of the show. Additional patrons attending the show after the confirmed headcount will have to pay the outstanding retail amount in cash/bank transfer upon arrival, and before entering the venue.

Food and beverage packages are available. All Sky Strippers Packages (All Inclusive Drink Packages, Booth Packages, Entertainer Packages, etc), are subject to availability and must be paid in full prior to the show’s commencement. We understand that each party may have special requirements and preferences, please contact Sky Strippers for questions regarding additional all inclusive food/beverage packages, hot seat/lapdance requests, merchandise, shout outs, and anything else regarding your party.

Private Events

What To Expect

In any industry where goods/services are provided, it is important to deliver a high quality product in the construct of a safe and secure environment. Our entertainers (strippers, waiters, models, etc) have full discretion on how they conduct their performances, and if placed in an uncomfortable situation, they may exit an event at any time. Unless directed/encouraged by the entertainer, touching is prohibited. Harassment of any kind will not be tolerated and will result in the entertainer having the discretion to cancel their performance with zero notice. Refunds will not be provided if this occurs.

Please ask your entertainer for permission before taking photos/videos of them during their shift/show. Photos/Videos are at the consent of the entertainer. A separate changing room may be requested by your entertainer to change and store their personal items before their shift/show – please accommodate if possible. If you have any special requirements, (surprise party, costume request, catch phrase request, etc) please coordinate with your Sky Strippers point of contact/booking manager so we can execute on what you are after.

Private Events – Paying

Sky Strippers entertainers are normally booked out in advance. Quotes provided to you by our team are approximate market rate quotations, and have an automatic 3 day expiry unless mentioned otherwise via email. A minimum 20% deposit is required to be by the customer unless the deposit amount is specified otherwise. Minimum deposits are required to be paid by the customer in order to secure the booking for the agreed date/time and at the quoted rate. Customers are required to pay any remaining balance to the entertainer in cash, upon arrival, and before the shift/show begins, unless agreed/instructed otherwise.

Refund Policy


We understand that unexpected occurrences arise, and things need to be adjusted accordingly. For any refund inquiries, please contact Sky Strippers for clarification regarding your party.

Before choosing to cancel your event, please consider a future rescheduled date in order to keep your deposit. We do understand that unexpected instances do occur, which is why we have a reschedule clause in place to help accommodate for customers affected by these unexpected occurrences.

Refunds on Deposits – 7 Day Grace Period:

1.  The event organizer has a 7 day grace period after the payment of their deposit to cancel their event, and receive 100% of their deposit. Any admin/transaction fees (20% of the deposited amount) incurred by Sky Strippers, will be deducted from the overall deposit. This only applies if the event scheduled is outside the 14 day booking schedule.

2.   Any booking canceled after the 7 day grace period will not have their deposit refunded.


E1        “Megan makes a booking on October 1 for a Hens Party she has on October 20. If Megan cancels before October 7, she will be entitled to a refund based on the T&C’s above).”

E2        “If Megan cancels her booking on October 7, or on any date after Oct 7, she will not be entitled to a refund. She will have reschedule options (See below).”

E3        “Megan makes a booking on October 1 for a Hens Party she has on October 7. If Megan cancels her booking before October 7, she will not be entitled to a refund. She will have reschedule options (See below).”

Refunds on Deposits – Booking within 14 days

1.   If the organizer books an event within 14 days of the scheduled event, and then cancels, the organizer will forfeit their entire deposit.

2.   Any booking that has to be canceled by the organizer, with a deposit that is not covered by a refund, is entitled to a one-time reschedule without an applied change fee (Change fees are 25% of the deposit added onto the total balance).

3.   Deposits made by the customer will be held by Sky Strippers as credit, and will have a 6 month automatic expiry applied to it. This practice encourages/allows customers who absolutely have to cancel their booking to reschedule for a later date with their deposit intact.

4.   Late Payments may incur penalty fees.


E1       “Megan makes a booking on Oct 1 for a Hens Party she has on October 20. Megan then cancels her booking on Oct 13 (7 days after the grace period, and within 14 days of the Oct 20 booking date). She will not be entitled to a refund. She can request a date in the future to reschedule her event, without forfeiting her deposit.”

E2        “Megan makes a booking on Oct 1 for a Hens Party she has on October 7. Megan then cancels her booking on Oct 2 (1 day within the 7 day grace period, but also within 14 days of the scheduled event). Megan is not entitled to a refund. She can request a date in the future to reschedule her event, without forfeiting her deposit.”

Refund Policy Continued

Stage Shows

Tickets that have been purchased to Sky Strippers’ stage show are non-refundable and cannot be transferred to another person/organizer for a separate date without prior agreement between the original organizer and Sky Strippers. It is important to select the show date correctly to avoid discrepancies. Contact Sky Strippers for any questions/inquiries regarding any issues that may arise.

Canceled/Rescheduled by Sky Strippers

In the event that a stage show has been rescheduled, canceled, or changed for whatever reason by Sky Stripers, the organizer will be refunded the full deposited amount with all admin fees included.

If a scheduled event has been postponed, canceled, or changed for any reason, Sky Strippers will offer the organizer equivalent seating/package for the new rescheduled event. If you cannot attend the newly proposed event for whatever reason, or if the new event is canceled entirely, then you will be refunded your entire deposit with admin fees included.

Private Events

Any booking that is canceled by the organizer after a deposit is paid is subject to our general refund policy (see above). All organizers with rescheduled events are allowed one event reschedule without a change fee. If the newly rescheduled event’s date/time cannot be changed/modified/canceled. If the newly rescheduled event’s date/time has to be changed/modified/canceled, then the organizer will forfeit their original deposit, and a new equivalent deposit will be required to activate the once again rescheduled event.

Requesting Changes

Any changes to a confirmed booking must be made in writing, and at least 1 week prior to the event. Sky Strippers will always do its best to accommodate any requests/changes that do arise. For the best results, we recommend the customer to get in touch with Sky Strippers as soon as these issues arise, to increase their chances of securing any newly proposed changes brought on by the customer. For any additional questions, please contact our team at 1300 618 169.

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