Benefits Artists Get From Nude Drawings With A Male Stripper

By admin, May 13, 2022

Nude Drawings With A Male Stripper | Sky Strippers


The perspective on nude art can vary from one person to another.

While some people may view it as pure art, others may consider it as a distraction from the artist’s message. However, the relevance of nude art can’t be denied. 

That’s why we thought of walking you through the advantages of male nude drawings and how male strippers can come to your rescue. So, dive in! 

Nude Art – Why Do Artists Opt For It?

It’s no secret that nude art has been a prominent part of Western art for quite some time now. And nude models, both male and female, have “posed” in front of the canvas for different reasons. Whether it’s for history or mythology, nude paintings have been used to represent different important events in a way that shifts the viewers’ focus from nudity to symbolism.

Perhaps, one of the most significant paintings in this regard is the ‘Birth of Venus,’ which marks the all-important transition between the Middle Ages and The Renaissance periods. Here the nude Goddess of Love, is a representation of ‘divine love,’ and has her carnal parts covered with hair. Besides, some interpretations of this painting view it as a “combination of spirit and matter.”

There are various reasons why artists choose nude art- some may try to bring out the artistic side of the human anatomy. And others choose to express varied emotions and promote a sense of unity. The latter is based on the belief that the basic anatomy remains the same across different races and colours. 

Nude paintings are also often used to promote self-love, as it reminds the viewers of the unique features and strengths that lie underneath the clothes. However, there have been instances of ambiguous nude paintings, especially with the advent of the 21st century, for exclusively commercial purposes.

What Are The Advantages Of Male Nude Drawings?

It won’t be wrong for us to say that female nude drawings have almost always been more popular than male nude paintings. You’re likely to find a nude female model more easily than a male one. 

One way to solve this problem is to hire male strippers, who are comparatively easier to find than male models. Besides, they usually charge less than the latter, which can be a bonus for beginners who are just venturing into art.  

The other advantages include:

1. Painting Realistic Figures

One of the primary advantages of nude figure drawing is that you have a precise (and the best view) of the male anatomy. This includes everything from the proportions of the different parts to shadows and even skin texture. 

Now, you may be thinking that you can get the same from a high-quality image on a high-resolution screen. However, live drawing enables you to develop a deeper perspective that doesn’t come from observing images. In simple words, a male nude drawing session can be your best bet to capture realism.

2. Capturing Intricate Details

Aside from skin texture and body shadows, nude paintings are a great way to capture intricate details like the bone structure or even the natural hair texture commonly found. 

At the same time, it’s important to remember that drawing the human body is much more than replicating the muscles and bones on paper- it also involves capturing the body balance, tension and weight. 

For example, observing the male body will help you understand the exact hip placement in the standing or sitting position. Similarly, it will give a better idea of how the natural curves in the male body develop during different postures. In fact, this is the main reason many nude drawing sessions involve the male model holding the same posture for days or even months.

As you develop your drawing skills, the difficulty level may also increase, with the male model changing poses every session or even striking multiple poses in a single session.

3. Help Sketch Other Objects

Studying and sketching the complexities of the male body has another huge advantage- you can sketch other objects or characters for animation and illustrations based on the anatomy. Animals, plants, as well as chairs and tables, can be sketched using basic body postures, which can be difficult to comprehend if the model is clothed.

How To Get Over The Awkwardness?

All said and done, it doesn’t come as a surprise that some people, especially beginners, may feel uncomfortable with the idea of live naked drawing. Or, they may want to improve on their figure drawing skills.

In such cases, you can start with online courses to get the hang of the basics, which usually last between 30 minutes and an hour. These will help you develop the right strokes and the perspective to observe the postures and curves. And once you feel more confident, you can easily switch to live classes.

Nude Drawings – A Fun Way To Celebrate

In recent years, nude drawings have emerged as one of the many services provided by strip clubs in Australia. Clients can opt for these sessions (both in the club or a private location), which is a fun way to let their creative wheels churn. And depending on your budget and time, there are different packages that you can opt for.

Generally, these sessions involve a guide helping you sketch the model. At the same time, there’s an emcee to ensure the smooth conduct of the show along with games, drinks and more to spice up the night. You can also opt for combos that provide the drawing pad and art supplies for the entire ladies group!

Final Words

And that brings us to the end of today’s proceedings.

Nude drawings will be a crucial part of your artistic journey, so make sure you approach it with an open mind. Moreover, focus on the different parts and movements to ensure accurate representation. You can also speak to your guide to help improve on any weak spots.

We will see you next time. Till then, goodbye and take care!