Hens Night – How to Spice Up the Event With Male Strippers

By admin, October 21, 2021

Male strippers are professional performers (or more than just one professional) that visit a public venue such as a club or private club and performs a routine solo act. They will most likely bring their own equipment and musician, and may light some candles to set the right mood for the performance. Strippers wear a short outfit, usually tight fitting jeans or a business-like blouse. They often wear make-up and high heels. Most of them are Caucasian, although they do not all practice lap dancing or exotic dancing.

If you are in the market for male strippers to visit your club, consider catering to the occasion. Offer drinks with a touch of sexy flair and maybe even free lap dancing if you have dancers. The more you can offer for the strip club experience the better since everyone there will enjoy it. If you have strippers that are giving it their all, they will leave your event with more confidence and more fond memories than the average dancer. You will feel special and appreciated, which also leads to more dance time after the event.

If the event is open to the general public, you may want to consider adding male stripping at an extra cost. You can create a buffet spread for the public featuring a variety of male strip foods. This can include everything from pretzels and chips to oysters and caviar. There are some great exotic foods out there, especially if you plan on dancing (but be sure to take these with you if you decide to dance). In addition, there are some fantastic drink deals at many of the hot strip clubs where male strippers will be working the crowd until the last song ends.

Male strippers working in clubs have a lot of work put in front of them. There are lines to cut, tables to seat at, drinks to serve, games to play, and many more things that need to be prepared and in place before any male stripper will get to work on the floor. For this reason, it is important that they are rewarded with a little bit of pampering every night. If they were not, most men would walk right over to the other women, and vice versa. The strip club owner realizes that the more men they can see down on the dance floor, the more likely he is to make a profit off of his female customers!

Hire a Male Stripper

Whether you hire one male stripper to work the event or you add a male stripper to your buffet spread, remember to take a little care of the bride. Make sure she has a good time, and remember that the goal of the female guests (strippers included) is to have a good time too! It’s all about the shared experience between you and the bride.

You’ve probably been to New York or other music city locations before. Have you ever noticed the VIP spots in these locations? If so, then you have an idea of what a difference a little bit of pampering makes. It does not have to be extravagant or expensive, but just enough to make the bride feel special. Your stripper should be able to bring a little bit of pampering to the event without making it overly expensive for you. In the end, if you hire a male stripper to spice things up in your wedding, it will only end up being a positive thing for everyone!