Male strip events Melbourne – What are the options?

By admin, November 18, 2021

Male strip events Melbourne – What are the options?

If you are planning on attending a male strip event Melbourne-based, there are numerous options available. Sky Strippers in Melbourne host weekly stage shows but also offer private stripping services for events. In this guide, we explore options for male strip events in Melbourne to help you decide which is best suited to your needs and preferences.

Stage shows

The Sky Strippers Ladies Club is the only weekly male stripper nightclub experience available in the CBD. The show not only includes impressive and pulse-racing dance routines from professional male strippers but also includes fun games, audience interaction and plenty of dance breaks. Drinks can be purchased during the dance breaks or you can be waited on hand and foot by our dreamy topless waiters. If you are looking for a male strip event in Melbourne, this could be the venue you are searching for.

Stage shows are a great option for hen dos, birthday parties or to make a girls’ night out truly memorable. To ensure the night is affordable and as special as possible, different stage show packages are available which are ideal for groups. For example, if you want to sit with your friends close to the stage and be greeted with a sparkling drink on your arrival, the Sky Strippers Gold package may be what you are looking for. Large groups are welcome to the stage show so you may wish to consider a visit to Sky Strippers for your next work night out or Christmas party. If you book for a group of 20 or more, you will receive complimentary shots to help you get into the party mood.

Private strippers in Melbourne

An alternative to attending a male strip event is to hire a stripper to perform for you privately in your home or in a location of your choice, such as a hotel or private room in a restaurant. Private male strippers are ideal for bachelorette parties, birthday events or any other special occasion. Sky Strippers will ensure to make your night memorable by arriving as a hunky cop, cheeky fireman or any other fantasy you or your friends may have.

private male stripper event bride to be group photo

Our private strippers are professional and will help to spice up your event. If the strippers are a surprise, for example, to surprise a bride-to-be, they can enter a property discreetly and add a special wow factor to an event. Our strippers can perform cheeky or full-strip routines, depending on your preference. Simply let us know what we can do to make your event special and we will do our best to accommodate you.

Topless waiters

If you are looking for a way to liven up a dinner party or make drinks with your girls extra special, you may wish to consider hiring topless waiters. You and your guests can sit back and relax whilst handsome and charming topless men serve you food and drinks, ensuring you want for nothing. Our waiters ensure to inject their fun personalities into an evening and will have you are your friends laughing and swooning. Topless waiters are a great option for groups who want to spend time together as friends during the event but want a spicy twist to a night or day event. Our topless servers are not just great to look at, they know how to make a mean cocktail too.

Packages are available that combine private strippers and topless waiters so you can enjoy the pulse-racing performance of our dancers whilst being waited on like a princess by our servers. For example, our Golden Wing package includes 2 topless waiters and 2 strippers and is ideal for large groups of 6 or more people.

Which option is right for me?

Which male strip event in Melbourne is right for you and your party will depend on multiple factors, such as…

• The size of your party

If you have a large party, such as 20+ people, you may be better suited to a live stage show as this will ensure each member of the party has a good view of the event and can feel engaged in the evening.

• Budget

Sky Strippers offer a number of packages for both our stage show and private event hire, so it is easy to find the package that best suits your budget.

• Venue (private or club)

If you’re booking male strippers on behalf of a friend, for example, if it’s their birthday, consider whether your friend would enjoy a private venue or a club atmosphere more.

If you are unsure which package or male stripping event option is right for you, contact Sky Strippers. A member of our team will be able to discuss your options with you in detail.

Hire male strippers in Melbourne

Using the information above it is easy to pick which male strip event option is right for you!