Paint and Sip Melbourne! 7 Important Things You Need To Know

By admin, November 29, 2021

For a totally unique celebration, why not relax, enjoy a glass of wine, and create your own artistic masterpiece at a paint and sip session? Paint and sip classes are available with a nude model in Melbourne from Sky Strippers – a unique way to celebrate any special occasion and let your hair down.

It doesn’t matter whether you’re an experienced artist or are trying your hand at a painting class for the very first time, paint and sip sessions are a great way to have fun with friends and come away with a great painting to remember the event.

What does paint and sip involve?

A paint and sip session at Sky Strippers involves sitting back with your glass of wine and creating your own painting of a live nude model. With the guidance of an expert artist taking you through the process step-by-step, you’ll capture the model’s impressive physique whilst the wine, laughs, and conversation flows. Your art teacher will let you know all the tricks of the trade to create a stunning painting, even if you’ve never painted before.

As you relax in a comfortable and friendly environment you’ll be impressed with what you can achieve on a canvas. With drinks and great company to loosen you up, you’ll soon be painting like a pro. Whether you’d like lots of guidance or just want to let your creativity and imagination run wild, paint and sip sessions are the perfect way to express yourself on canvas.

Do I have to follow the instructions exactly?

You probably won’t be able to take your eyes off the model but you’re free to forget what everyone else is doing and make your own one-of-a-kind creation if you prefer. Whether you want to experiment with the colour scheme, create a more abstract figure, or just paint whatever you see in your mind, you can follow your creative instincts at a paint and sip session.

The aim is to relax, have fun, and express yourself – there’s no right or wrong when it comes to painting, and you might even surprise yourself with what you can do.

paint and sip not following instructions

A hen night like no other

Our exciting paint and sip sessions are really popular as part of a hen night. Get your experience off to a great start, get the drinks flowing, and make some great memories by painting with your group’s own nude model. Paint and sip sessions are also an original way to celebrate a birthday, baby shower, or retirement with the girls. No matter the size or age range of your group, these sessions get everyone together having fun and trying out something new.

With a drink in hand, you’ll soon relax and get into it. Best of all, whatever the occasion, everyone in the group will come away with a unique memento of their experience. If you’re looking for a memorable hen night, birthday party, or just a special girls’ night out that’ll be talked about for years to come, choose something new by organising your paint and sip party.

What materials do I need?

When you come along to a paint and sip session all you need to bring is yourself and your friends! Everything you need is provided for you, from your canvas and brushes to the right paint colours, and of course, the wine too. With a paint and sip session, everything is organised for you so you can have a great time even if it’s a brand new experience for you. You don’t need to worry about setting anything up or preparing in advance.

Your art teacher will guide you through the materials and how to use them all – you won’t just have a great time, you’ll learn a lot about painting too! Snacks aren’t included in the session but you can always bring your favourite treats along to make your class even more special. Cheeseboards, miniature cakes, chips and dip, chocolates, and fruit are all fantastic complements to the session.

What do I need to know before a paint and sip session?

There’s no doubt about it, your paint and sip session might get messy! Aprons are provided to protect your clothes but it’s wise not to wear your best outfit – old clothes or clothes you don’t mind getting paint on are the best choice for your session. If you’re going on to other things after paint and sip like an upmarket dinner or big night out exploring Melbourne’s cocktail bar scene, you can always change after you’ve finished painting.

You don’t need to bring anything with you but for most paint and sip sessions, it’s advisable to arrive 10-15 minutes before the painting starts. This gives you time to get your materials, find somewhere to sit and get your drinks ready before you begin painting.

Paint and sip trends

Life classes using nude models have been popular for some time, especially if you can relax with a drink whilst you draw or paint. More sessions are starting up in bars, art galleries and studios, and other local venues, and more and more brides-to-be are enjoying a session to celebrate their upcoming wedding. Paint and sip is only growing in popularity, with sessions run on a huge range of different themes and styles.

paint and sip trends

Whether you want to brush up on portraiture, landscapes, or studying the human body, a paint and sip class is the ideal way to dive into making art in a relaxed way. Socialise, learn a new skill, and have plenty of fun too. This is also a fantastic event to take part in remotely. With more events now taking place online, there is plenty of online paint and sip sessions being run by a wide variety of different art teachers. Budding artists now have the flexibility to join virtual paint and sip events in Melbourne or anywhere else in the world!

What if I want to do paint and sip regularly?

Whilst some paint and sip sessions like the sessions held with Sky Strippers are one-off special events for your celebration, there are regular sessions held around Melbourne if you really get the painting bug.

Many art teachers and studios throughout the city organise regular sessions that you can join in with as often as you like, with people from all walks of life giving painting a go. These sessions usually take you through a wide range of different paintings, so if you want to learn more it’s a great way to experiment with a wider variety of techniques and subjects.

Other activities

If you’re planning a paint and sip class with Sky Strippers as part of a big celebration, there are lots of Melbourne activities that pair well with these sessions. Paint and sip is a great way to relax with a few drinks either before or after dinner, or is a good choice to follow up a wine tasting session.

If you’re in the mood for a real party, head from the session to your favourite bar or club, or even add some tantalising strippers into your plans. Whether paint and sip is the main event or just one part of your big celebration, it’s a unique experience that you won’t forget in a hurry! Get in touch now to arrange your private session.