The Science Of Male Stripping In Melbourne

By admin, January 2, 2022

If you have decided to pursue a career as a male stripper, you might be imagining a thrilling and fulfilling career where you get to make people happy and have fun. And that is quite true! You will be having fun and you definitely won’t be stuck behind a desk crunching numbers.

However, it isn’t as simple as showing up and enjoying yourself. In order to ensure that your clients get the best out of the experience, there is a science to male stripping. Want to know the magic formula? Read on!


Prepare to audition

Like any job in a creative field, competition can be fierce! If you are just starting out, you will have to audition for jobs. So make sure you bring your A-game every time and don’t feel like you’re “better” than the process.


Personality matters

If you are looking to work as a male stripper, you probably already work on your body a fair amount. And of course, that’s important – you need to look the part and be the fantasy. What you might not realise is that your personality is just as important as your body (or nearly). If you aren’t a confident performer, you might need to figure out ways to loosen up and become more of a social butterfly. Some clients will want to chat as well as watch you perform, so learning to read people as well as the room can be a great gift.

Practice your moves

Are you interested in male stripping but not a very confident dancer? This isn’t a complete roadblock. You can practice and become better – turning to other guys you work with can help you to develop your skills, turning you into the whole package and helping you to find your own signature style.


Make friends

It’s easy to see other male strippers as your competition, and this is true to a certain extent. But they are also your colleagues and getting to be better friends will ultimately make your job a lot easier. You will be able to pick up tricks of the trade and find out more about the business you’re working in. They can also point clients in your direction if you’re a better fit – so stay friendly.


Keep it professional

Hopefully, this goes without saying, but sometimes the lines between you and your client can get blurry. We understand that you are providing a very personal service, and especially if you see a client regularly, it can be easy to form a friendship. However, you should never take this to the bedroom – your job is to make people feel special, but not to start any kind of romantic relationship. Remember, you’re at work!

Are you feeling inspired to provide the kind of male stripping Melbourne-based ladies love? It really is a rewarding and exciting job if you find the right place to work. With these handy hints in mind, as well as a heaping supply of passion and rhythm, we think you might just have what it takes!