Things Nobody Will Tell You About Being A Male Stripper

By admin, January 10, 2022

Have you ever wondered just what it is that male strippers do when they’re on stage? Here are some things about this job you might not know.


1. It’s not as easy as it looks

A lot of people think that male stripping is an easy job, but in reality, there’s a lot more to it than meets the eye. It takes lots of practice hours with your partner and tons of muscle-building exercises to keep yourself in good shape for the performances. Depending on the routine, the strip choreography can also be incredibly difficult to get right, which can be frustrating at times. What makes most dancers want to get into the business? The money, which isn’t always great either.


2. You have to be in great shape

The main reason why there’s so much focus on building muscles is so that the men can go shirtless for their performances. Having a toned body helps you to transition more quickly between dance moves, often getting pretty tiring after you’ve performed the same act over and over again. Getting ropes of muscle also means that your movements are supported better, allowing you to perform more difficult stunts with less risk of injuring yourself.


3. It can be really tiring

Particularly if it’s your first time performing in front of an audience, male strippers might find themselves struggling to make it through their performance without getting tired. If it’s amateur night or something similar, many men will stop partway through because they feel like they can’t continue. It’s important to keep in mind that a lot of practice and rehearsing goes into a performance, so while it might be fun to watch the men dancing on stage, do not underestimate how much work they have to put in beforehand.


4. There’s a lot of competition

In male stripping, there are usually only one or two dancers that receive the attention of the audience for any given show. In other words, the other men on the stage don’t get nearly as much attention as the most popular ones. This can be incredibly hard for some guys to take because it can be demoralising to have your partner come up to you after you’ve finished performing and tell you how great he did, whilst you were sidelined. For this reason, male strippers are often vying for attention against one another.


5. It’s not always a great career choice

Some men may think that it’ll be easy to jump into the industry and make loads of money, but this isn’t always true. Many men who start out in the industry do so only because they’re trying to get enough money together to move on or get back on their feet quicker. Not every man has the discipline required to become successful at this career path, so keep in mind that there’s more than just stripping when it comes to working in the entertainment business.