What Happens At A Hens Party?

By admin, March 17, 2022

A hen party is one of the most special nights in a bride-to-be’s life- it’s a crucial part of wedding planning.

And if you’re in charge of the event, you will probably spend days helping her friends gather and celebrate the last few moments of her single life. But if you haven’t done it before, getting a little overwhelmed is natural, which is also true for anyone attending one for the first time.

That’s why we’re here to tell you about a few things that you can expect at a hen party. Dive in!

8 Things To Expect At Hen Parties

1. All The Girls Take Ages To Dress Up

No matter how “casual” you think the hens night will be, getting the outfit, makeup and hair right will take considerable time. And no, this isn’t restricted only to the bride-to-be. After all, who doesn’t want to look perfect in the photos, no matter how crazy the evening turns out to be?

2. The Pre-Drinks Session Start

Whether you plan to visit the club later at night or have a “house hen night,” you can’t get away without sipping at least one “pre-drink” or a few cocktails. And while the hen’s night is the licence to get crazy before the big wedding day, try not to get sloshed, as this may prevent you from enjoying the rest of the celebration.

That said, there will still be one person (may even be the bride) who goes nuts, so it’s better to have some anti-hangover remedies handy.

3. The Mandatory Hen’s Party Games Begin!

Next, it’s time to play those hen party special games, which, among closest friends and bridesmaids, can, let’s face it, turn a little spicy.

And if you’re the maid of honour or the bridesmaid at the helm of affairs, then you may want to bring in the surprise element by hiring a stripper or two! So, we’d suggest putting your research skills to use to find out the best strip service companies (Sky Strippers in Melbourne, for example) in your area and the services they provide.

However, you may want to tone things down if the guest list comprises family members like the bride’s mother or would-be in-laws.

One way of accommodating a strip show is to divide the hen party into two halves- the first half with the family and the other with friends and bridesmaids, preferably at a different venue or location. You can also dedicate a complete “hen weekend” so that you can comfortably execute all the plans within those two nights.

4. The Never-Ending Dining

After multiple rounds of fun and games, you will invariably get hungry, which is just the right time to dig into all those delicious dishes for dinner.

Again, if you’re in charge of the food department or the party in general, it’d be a good idea to note the diet preferences of the guests, especially the ingredients that they are allergic to. Otherwise, you will just be waiting for a medical emergency to happen and spoil a great night.

5. The Group Burning The Dance Floor

Celebrating bachelorette parties seems impossible without the girls showcasing their moves en route to having a great time! If you plan to celebrate the event at home, you can easily designate some space to create a DIY dance floor and pull up the bride to bring out her inner Beyonce before the big day.

Moreover, you can make the group wear typical hens party costumes and present an impromptu performance. But if you want to visit a club, check the rules and regulations in advance to ensure that you don’t end up at a stag night.

6. There Are Unlimited Photos And Selfies Clicked In Every Corner

It’s only natural that the guests would want to capture every moment of the party, so get ready for a ton of snaps. If you’ve arranged the party at home, a club or any other venue, you may also set up a couple of photo or selfie booths with unique decorations.

7. The Emotional Outburst

The build-up to the wedding day, the (many) drinks, or just the atmosphere will make people emotional, so don’t panic if you see a lot of crying. While some people may start calling up their exes, others try to make the most out of their singlehood, especially if the venue is a club or hotel.

8. The Party Ends And It’s Time To Head Home

It’s finally the end of the night and it’s time for the hens to head home. You can opt for shared rides if you have more guests travelling in the same direction or may have to arrange one for the not so sober bridesmaids.

Hen Dos And Don’ts

Whether you’re a “hen guest” or the one arranging the party, here are a few things to keep in mind:


  • Ask the bride about her preferences and plan accordingly
  • Keep the budget practical for everyone to afford
  • Keep yourself and others hydrated between drinks
  • Ask for RSVPs to get an accurate idea about the number of guests
  • Clearly communicate your needs if the party is in a hotel or club
  • Look after the bride


  • Make it a “drink till you drop” event
  • Call anyone the bride doesn’t share a rapport with
  • Overspend
  • Make the event uncomfortable for anyone

Final Words

And with that, it’s time for us to say goodbye.

A hen’s night is all about having fun and socializing, so make it count while ensuring your safety and that of everyone else. But before we wrap up, here’s a pro tip: many Australian wedding suppliers can help you arrange small tokens of appreciation or return gifts, so you can bring up this idea during the planning stage.

And we will see you another time. Bye and take care!