3 Of The Hottest Male Stripper Moves

By admin, May 1, 2022

3 Of The Hottest Male Stripper Moves | Sky Strippers


It’s no secret that hot male strippers are in demand in Australia.

However, stripping involves more than just, well, stripping or having an attractive body. Ask any professional stripper, and he will say that the key to success in this field also lies in great dancing. 

That’s why we are here to introduce you to 3 of the hottest moves that will make you the center of attraction in no time. Dive in, then! 


3 Hottest Male Stripper Moves


1. The Walking Body Roll

Although the walking body roll is one of the most common dance moves, it’s a great way to proceed toward your audience. 

Whether you’re performing at the club or a private party, there’s no denying that approaching the crowd with a traditional walk may come across as boring. However, this move will help you capture their attention and engage them from the get-go.

Start by standing diagonally so that your front foot points towards the audience and the back foot rests flat sideways. Now, take a step ahead with the front foot while making a small bend at the knees and bring your back foot front while standing up. Make sure that your feet are in the original position when you complete the step.

At the same time, extend your hip and chest when stepping forward and roll them back in when dragging the back foot. As for the arms, hold them at chest level so that your elbows and shoulders fall in a straight line. The number of steps you take will depend on the area you want to cover.


2. Hip And Chest Grind

The hip and chest grind movements are similar to what you’d do for the walking body roll, except that you can do these while remaining stationary. In fact, these grinds are one of the best ways to interact with your audience before moving on to the more sensual moves or lap dancing.

For this, you’d want to begin by adopting a wide stance. Remember that keeping your feet too close or far apart may make the grind look awkward, so maintain adequate space between them. Then, make a little bend at the knees and start rolling (or grinding) your hip without moving the torso, legs, or the rest of your body. 

This may take a little time to master, so keep practicing. However, doing this move in one position can become monotonous to do and look at. 

Once you’ve mastered the grind, add a little variation by shifting your weight from side to side on the legs and keeping the upper body still. Keep the hands at the back so that your audience can get a clear view of your hip movement.

For the next part of this move, maintain the same stance and hold your hands at chest level as you’d do for the walking body roll. Make a fist with both hands to make the movement look more natural.

Now, keep your legs still and roll your chest (like the hip) while moving only the upper body from side to side. You can also do this while standing upright or while bending slightly. Alternate between the hip and chest grinds to get the ladies grooving to your rhythm!


3. Lap Dance

As you may already know, lap dancing is perhaps the most important aspect of both male and female stripping. The best part is that there are various moves in this genre that you can do according to your convenience and the comfort of the audience.

For example, you can stand in front of the chair facing the guest and do a hip or chest grind. Apart from that, you can move onto the straddle position, which involves half sitting on the chair by bending your knees. Alternate between these positions or mix them up with chest and hip grinding.

One of the hottest lap dance moves you can try in lap dancing is the reverse standing and straddle. Simply put your back towards the guest and gently grab her arms. Place them on your thighs and guide them through the torso all the way up to the chest as you shift into the straddle position. 

If you want to start off with the reverse straddle, then place her hands on your chest and move them down to the thighs while slowly standing up. A pro tip here: make sure that you grab her hands very lightly. This way, she can break away from your grip if she isn’t feeling comfortable with the move.


Some General Tips


1. Get The Basics Right

Some of the basic dance moves in male stripping include grinds and hip thrusts. Hence, mastering them will allow you to perform various dance routines with ease and keep your audience enthralled. Practice them regularly and try to improvise on them to create the most sensual choreographies.


2. Use Slow And Fast Moves In Tandem

Both slow and fast dance moves have their place in male stripping. While slow movements can act as a teaser to arouse the wildest fantasies of your crowd, fast moves (like hip shaking) can get the ladies on their feet. 


3. Maintain Flexibility And Agility

The intense movements in male striptease can get physically taxing, especially when done for prolonged periods. If your body is not flexible enough, moves like stretching or straddling can come across as jerky and may also invite injuries. That’s why it’s always recommended to keep your body in the best shape.


Final Words

No matter how easy or complicated your choreography is, it’s important to be confident and catch up with the beats of the music. And always maintain eye contact with your clients to make them feel special.

If you’re awkward or nervous, it will invariably affect your performance and make the guests feel uncomfortable. You can even choose your favorite track and choreograph a sequence that feels comfortable.