What Do Male Strippers Eat To Stay In Shape?

By admin, April 1, 2022

Are you abs-olutey awed by the well-toned abs you saw on Magic Mike? We know everyone was!

In real life and in movies, both strippers have to follow a gruelling fitness regimen to look the way they do. It may not be obvious, but many of their routines involve tough choreographies, which need a certain level of fitness to be able to perform. And you know, they also need to get the ladies swooning!

Now, we’re going to share with you something that will help you look like that. So, if you’ve been wondering what do male strippers eat to stay in shape, then read on!

What Do Male Strippers Eat To Stay In Shape | Sky Strippers

What Do Male Strippers Eat To Stay In Shape?

There are essentially three things that go into creating that sculpted body. Firstly, it involves a strict workout routine. Next, one needs to follow a regulated diet. And lastly, one has to maintain high levels of personal hygiene. So now, let’s look at what exactly constitutes these three factors: 

1.Workout Routine

A.Beef Up Your Upper Body

A stripper’s abs are one of the first things that women see when they go to a strip show. So, to achieve those abs, do a complete ab workout. Work your upper, middle, and lower body, along with your obliques.

You might think that this sounds herculean, but there’s no need to go big right on the first day. Start small, and build it up over time. Remember to do plenty of repetitions, and always warm up before you begin.

B. Never Skip Leg Day

A buff torso and toothpick legs make a horrible match. You’ll look like the next Johnny Bravo if you forget to work the legs! So, include lunges, leg presses, squats and kicks into your workout regimen and see the magic. 

To give an additional boost, you can consider running stairs and using a skipping rope. Even swimming is a good activity.

C. Build Up Stamina

Strippers dance all night, so they need the energy to keep going that long. If you’re panting an hour into the routine, your audience won’t be too happy! So, to build up endurance, keep doing a lot of sets of your workouts and use weights. We also recommend getting some cardio in since that really boosts one’s stamina.

 2. Regulated Food Intake

A.Feast On Proteins, Cut The Carbs

Protein not only helps in losing weight but also aids in muscle formation, which will be especially enhanced if you’re a regular at the gym. This is why we suggest digging into white meat like turkey, chicken, or fish. If you have to consume red meat, ensure that you choose clean cuts and lean parts.

Apart from this, eat a lot of seeds and nuts since they’re a healthy, vegan source of protein. Include a balanced mix of carbs in your diet, and try to eat better carbs like brown rice, fruits, and smoothies. Stay away from fried food and takeout!

B. Increase The Greens, Decrease The Fats

Pick up a bunch of greens and try to include them more often in your diet. You could choose kale, collard greens, or spinach, which help in improving one’s digestion and bowel movements. We also recommend having beans, broccoli, cauliflower, oats, and seeds. If you’re having trouble eating them raw or solid, mix them up into a delicious smoothie!

C. Cut Down On The Soda

A glass of chilled cola will definitely taste great, but it may not be so great for your system. Soda has a lot of sugar, which hampers your diet. It also ends up making you thirstier! So opt for alternatives like fruit juices and coffee. It would be even more beneficial if you take them unsweetened.

We also suggest doubling up on your water intake because a male strippers’ choreography can be exhausting, and you may end up sweating a lot. To replenish all the water you may lose after a performance, drink copious amounts of water in a day, and try to stay hydrated.

Have a glass of water before every meal and after each workout. Drinking water before a meal quells some of the hunger and having it after a workout helps prevent muscle cramps. In addition to this, drink some warm water every day, since that helps burn fat.

3. Grooming And Personal Hygiene

A.Shave The Excess Body Hair

The 70s called, and they want their body hair back! If you’re a stripper, you can’t have a full forest of chest hair. A stripper’s torso needs to be shiny and smooth-looking. To get rid of the extra hair, you can trim it with an electric trimmer, shave it using a razor, or wax it off. There are also options for laser treatments available, which give you long-term freedom from hair.

B. Maintain Hygiene

An unkempt male stripper will hardly be able to draw any crowds since women are drawn to well-groomed men. So, brush your teeth daily, clean behind your ears, and use mouthwash regularly. Also, remember to keep your nails trimmed down and clean at all times.

C. Make Your Skin Smoother

To get that smooth look that strippers have, use body lotion consistently. It prevents the skin from drying up and chafing. Remember also to use chapstick because chapped lips are a no-no!

Lastly, apply sunscreen whenever you’re stepping out into the sun (unless you’re looking to tan). Sunburns can lead to redness and skin peeling off, which can be not only painful but also unattractive.

Final Thoughts

Even if you don’t want to become a stripper immediately, we’re sure that you want that hot stripper bod. And if you’re already one about to start- then it’s a non-negotiable. Beefing up and eating clean will not only make you more aesthetically appealing but will also enhance your overall health as a whole.

What’s more, having an enviable body works wonders for one’s self-esteem and, of course, attracts the girls (and the guys)!

So, what are you waiting for? Ditch that packet of chips and get started with a healthier diet today. The Greek God status awaits you on the other end!