A Unique Paint And Sip Experience In Melbourne

By admin, March 17, 2022

Painting and drinking wine don’t go hand in hand – or do they?

Well, what if a few sips of wine would let your creativity flow? What could make this even so much fun is if you would paint and sip with friends at a private sip event and spend some quality time with them. If all this sounds like great fun to you, then hold on. We have another exciting surprise.

Now, what if you could relax in some good vibes with local artists and friends while creating a real-life painting of a gorgeous nude model? Sounds too good to be true, right?

That is exactly what you can enjoy at the paint and sip classes in one of Australia’s biggest stripper joints. It will give you a completely different experience of hens parties or your birthday party.

What Can You Expect At Paint And Sip Classes?

If you have always wanted to take a painting class and unleash your inner artist, then there are several fun opportunities to explore in South Melbourne. These paint and sip sessions allow you to indulge in art classes with professional artists with the freedom to drink wine while you paint.

Plus, most such services provide you with all the materials and painting supplies required for the sip parties. These art classes are like no other in South Melbourne. Not only can you enjoy a private paint and sip session but also have a fun experience with BYO drinks and exciting nude models.

To give you a better idea, here are some of the things you can expect from the best paint and sip experiences.

1.Ideal For Beginners

If you are under the illusion that you need to be a good artist to take these painting class at the local studios, then think again, as most of them organise both public sessions and fun painting classes for beginners. Hence, you don’t need to be a professional to enjoy creating your own piece.

Furthermore, they provide all the materials and art supplies required to create fun and creative art. This includes a canvas, paint, pencil, erasers and drawing pads. There are even exciting games you can play with friends while you sip and create art.

Lastly, the professional artists at the studio can provide you with step by step instructions to create the best life drawings of the nude models. After all, what can be better than holding a delicious glass of sparkling wine in one hand and a brush and paint in another?

2.Fantastic Offers, Discounts, And Packages

Booking private paint and sip classes may seem like an expensive way to spend a few hours in Melbourne CBD with friends. However, you can avail fantastic discounts and gift vouchers for all these painting classes while booking through the official websites.

Keep in mind that you may need to make a standard deposit to ensure that the models are available and their position can be secured for your social event. Aside from that, you can opt for hourly packages and customise the entire experience according to the needs and comfort of your guests.

3.Team Building Exercise

Enjoying a painting session with nude strippers at a “sip studio{” can not only guarantee a fun night for a special occasion but can also be an excellent team building exercise. This group paint and sip experience is ideal for friends or co-workers who want to take a night off while enjoying great vibes. Besides, it may help them work properly in the future.

So, we’d suggest to take do some research about these creative classes in Melbourne and explore the different options on their official websites. Also, make sure to check out the recent reviews on to understand if it’s really worth your time and investment.

4.Great For Hosting Private Parties

One of the best things about a paint and sip experiences is that it is an ideal opportunity to host private events in Melbourne. Whether you need to book a nude drawing with a drink session for a hens party, birthday party, or any special occasion, these studios can host pretty much anything you require.

As such, you need to make a standard deposit and book the professionals for a minimum spend for least 2 hours. You can even browse through the available profiles and get to know more about them, but their availability may not be guaranteed. So, ensure that you book the services will in advance.

The best part is that they are usually always ready to travel out of Melbourne to any city for special events. Along with that, you can enjoy amazing and customized packages with every painting class you take. Allow your creativity to flow freely as you enjoy a drink in Melbourne city.