How Much Do Male Strippers Earn In Melbourne

By admin, March 18, 2022

Male stripping is becoming a trend in the country, and Melbourne is no exception.

Be it for adult birthday parties, hen parties, or divorce parties, women (and men) often turn to male strippers for a fun event. And the booming industry has attracted the attention of good-looking men who fit the bill.

So, we thought it’d be a good idea to talk about the average pay of male strippers in the city. And if you aren’t sure what to expect at the next adult party, then we’ve covered that too!

How Much Do Male Strippers Earn In Melbourne

Wondering how much male strippers in Melbourne get paid to make your ladies’ night all the more amazing? How much do male strippers earn?

What Is The Salary Of A Melbourne Male Stripper?

While the exact salary will depend on a lot of factors, the average salary of a male stripper in Melbourne ranges between AUD 500 and 2,000 a week (considering the weekends). Moreover, there are other ways to enter the male stripping industry in Melbourne with an attractive pay.

For instance, you may become one of those cheeky topless waiters who help out with a hens party or fun girls night out. And the average pay generally varies between AUD 150 and AUD 350 per hour.

Likewise, if you have a passion for dancing and are good at it, then it’d be helpful for you to know that exotic dancers usually make between AUD 21 and 100 per hour, with an average of about AUD 45 per hour. But again, these figures will depend on their skills and the club they’re employed in and can be much higher for talented dancers.

Now that you have a general idea about how much you can make as a male stripper in Melbourne, here are a few points to keep in mind for becoming one:

1.Work On Your Personality And Socialising Skills

Stripping is not only about getting fully or partially nude – you must know how to become one of the best eye candy male entertainers on stage shows without getting awkward. After all, you wouldn’t want to come across as all tensed up and nervous during lap dances and bare nights.

We’d say that the job can be very rewarding and provide you with an amazing experience if you’re a confident and socially outgoing individual. But if you’re a bit shy, then we’d suggest practising your interaction skills, preferably with strangers.

2. Get In Shape

Women want to bring their fantasies to life in a male strip club, which is why you must look your absolute best at all times. While not everyone may want hunky male strippers for a sensational strip show or private dances, you still need to have a well-toned body with defined abs and muscles.

In this regard, weight lifting a couple of times a week and swimming, cycling, or running on non-gym days can come to your aid. At the same time, maintain a healthy diet to minimize sugar and fat intake.

3. Hone Your Dancing Skills

Good dancing is a prerequisite for becoming a successful male stripper, so you may want to consider getting professional training. Prepare a dance routine that best suits your styles and assemble a costume accordingly. We’d also suggest conducting mock performances in front of your friends or partner, which will help you become more confident.

4. Click High-Quality Photographs

Almost all strip clubs require applicants to send in their snapshots. So, we’d strongly recommend investing some money in getting your photographs clicked by professionals that make for enticing promos for the ladies. And apply only with your recent photographs to avoid getting rejected right away!

5. Have A Reliable Mode Of Private Transport

As a male stripper, you may often have to travel to other parts of the city for private shows or show up at the club at odd hours. Hence, having your own transport will allow you to travel conveniently.

What To Expect At Male Strip Shows Or While Hiring Male Strippers?

The best male strippers guarantee unforgettable shows and a memorable night to make the party the talk of the town. Now, the evening usually kicks off with a stripping or dance routine that lasts anywhere between 15 and 30 minutes. And as the party continues, guests get the chance to get up close and personal with all the guys on the stage (with consent, of course).

Aside from that, many strip clubs in Melbourne offer dedicated packages (like hens night packages), which comprise different components like nude drawing, free entry to the nightclub and even complimentary drinks on arrival.

Furthermore, one may avail the services of the cutest topless waiters, private bookings for private function venues and even customise the number of strippers and waiters. In such cases, they’re usually required to pay on a per hour basis.

Another thing to note is that if anyone’s planning a private hen’s night at home or any other venue, then they may need to arrange for some props before the strippers arrive. Hence, it’d be a good idea to contact them well in advance and get all your queries resolved.

How Much Does A Male Stage Shows Cost?

A male stripping show can cost anywhere between AUD 100 and AUD 250 (depending on the number of strippers). Additionally, one may have to pay transportation charges if they want to bring them to other locations.

Other than that, a topless waiter can cost around AUD 100 per hour, so the budget should be planned accordingly.

Final Words

That’s all we had for today.

Hopefully, our efforts have helped you understand everything you need to do to earn the average (and even more). As a pro tip, we’d suggest getting in touch with experts from the field who can provide you with valuable guidance from their personal experience.

And don’t forget to check out the requirements of the stripping service company you plan to apply to well in advance so that you can prepare accordingly.

We will see you next time. Signing off with best wishes!