How Much Money Does A Male Stripper Make

By admin, April 27, 2022

It’s true that male strippers can change the whole mood of an evening.

Whether it was a tough day at work, or your best friend’s bachelorette party, a charismatic hunk swinging gracefully on the pole can turn a mediocre evening into a blissful one. But have you ever thought about the skills required for this profession and if it’s even worth the hard work?

So, how much do male strippers earn? Do read our guide to find out!

How Much Money Does A Male Stripper Make | Sky Strippers

How Much Money Does A Male Stripper Make?

Mainly, male strippers have three sources of income, so let’s look at them one by one to get a grip on the topic – 

1. Base Pay 

The base pay is the minimum salary specified for the male stripper, depending on his experience and skills. It varies according to the venue of the job –

A. At Clubs And Bars

While the base pay depends on several factors and can vary for every professional, the average figure for a male stripper in a local bar is normally $50. It might go up if they have to travel to the venue, depending on the commute. 

However, some clubs do not offer a base salary, and the strippers have to make do with tips only. Even though it may sound like a bad deal, they can actually earn a lot just from the tips; that’s because customers usually come prepared to splurge money on them. 

In contrast, some famous bars with a loyal customer base charge a “pay the house” base fee to perform. This is a typical trend in places around resorts or all-nude clubs, as strippers are on the hunt for profitable venues to perform with assured income. 

B. At Private Parties

The base money paid to male strippers at a party is determined by the location and grandeur of the event. Generally, it lies between $150 and $250 for a half an hour performance, which may or may not cover the performer stripping nude.  

However, the amount that the stripper can keep changes according to his employment status. If he is self-employed, he can pocket most of the cash apart from the taxes and travelling expenses. But if he is sent by a stripper agency, they will charge a significant share. 

2. Tips

There aren’t any guarantees or fixed pay when it comes to tips, and it mostly depends on the tipping culture of the performing location. Some of the deciding factors are – if the audience is familiar with tipping? Have the viewers attended stripping clubs and know how tips work? And most importantly, do they think that tipping is an acceptable way to interact with the performer?

The bottom line is that tipping is an acquired behaviour that people learn after watching others do it. Unless they have seen someone else tip a stripper, they won’t know how to approach a male stripper. 

Based on trends, gay men tend to tip the strippers generously as opposed to females. In fact, the older the men, the heavier the tip, so the performers earn a great deal through tips in gay bars or private gay parties. 

3. Lap Dance

The majority of the clubs have isolated rooms to provide the customers with special and private lap dances. Such dances are also available in the public area, and the viewer pays around $10 for each song (enjoying two to three songs on average). And the good part is that the stripper gets to keep the entire amount.

At the same time, the club charges two fees for lap dances in private rooms or VIP lounges. The first is the entry fee for the reserved space, which is typically 10$ to 20$ and this is kept by the bar. It is a one-time fee, and you are allowed to enter the area multiple times during the night once you have paid it. 

The second fee is kept by the male stripper and is usually $20 for one song. Some clubs offer a package of three songs and charge up to $75 for it. 

Factors Affecting The Payment Of A Male Stripper

Several factors dictate how much money a male stripper earns, and they are:

1. Experience

Nothing can beat on-field experience in any profession, and that stands true for stripping too! Strippers who have been performing for several years charge more money than freshers; the more years under their belt, the more bills in their g-strings. 

2. Appearance

A good face and physique can go a long way in the stripping industry. Strippers with slim body structures and lean muscles are quite popular among ladies. Simply put, more muscle definition leads to generous tips. 

Additionally, flexibility and agility play a pivotal role in attracting tips, too, as strippers are no less than artists. They have to put on a great show to make heads turn; only then do viewers spare extra cash. 

3. Personality

Personality matters just as much as appearance, as there are male strippers who aren’t conventionally handsome but earn comparatively more. That’s because they have a charismatic presence and know how to perform in front of an audience. 

4. Type Of Parties

Another crucial factor that heavily influences the income of male strippers is the type of parties they are hired for. The base pay remains constant, but tips make all the difference between an excellent night and a mediocre one.

As we mentioned earlier, the strippers earn a lot in private parties, bachelorette parties, and events for gay men. 

Final Words

Having read our guide, you must have got the basic idea of a stripper’s income.

Depending on the base pay, tips, and the number of lap dances scored by him in a night, his salary varies every day. That said, we have reached the end of our insightful article.

Until next time!