Learn To Dance Like Male Strippers With These 5 Dance Moves

By admin, May 3, 2022
Learn To Dance Like Male Strippers | 5 Dance Moves

Want to learn how to dance like male strippers? We’ve got you covered with these five moves that are easy to learn and will get you started.

In recent times, the male stripper profession has become quite popular due to several reasons.

Besides involving a lot of money, it provides you with the opportunity to meet new people and be part of an exciting industry. That said, becoming a strip dancer is not a very easy job since it requires being familiar with all the latest moves besides being physically fit. 

That’s why we’ve decided to put together this informative guide on some of the best dance moves that you can learn easily. With these tips in mind, you will be able to perform with confidence like a pro in no time. 

So, without wasting any time, let’s dive in!

Top 5 Male Stripper Dance Moves

1. The Thrust

Despite being the most basic of all moves, it remains an all-time favorite and is popular at all parties and club events. In this move, male strippers straddle a guest and thrust their hips into her face sensually and slowly. Since this is the most pivotal move in any striptease, your entire performance depends on getting it right. 

After mastering the art of slow thrusting, try doing it quickly and repeat this cycle until it does not require any conscious effort. For practice, you can use a chair which helps you learn how to balance yourself properly while performing this move. Then, keeping your hips isolated, move them from side to side, followed by a forward and backward movement. 

You can also perform a reverse hip thrust, which will involve using both hands and feet, with your hips facing the roof. Keep in mind that variety in the movements is important, as repeatedly doing the same thing can get the audience bored quite quickly. So, make sure to keep changing the angles, movements and pacing.

2. The Regular And Reverse Straddle

Another well-known move that male strippers employ is the straddle, in which the stripper positions himself in front of a member of the audience. This generally directs the attention of the guest to his pelvic area. Then, the stripper gently lowers himself down into a straddling position, without actually sitting down.

Once straddled e, place the arms of the guest on your back and slowly move them upwards and then downwards. When moving the arms upwards, gently release the straddling position and stand up. The interesting thing about this move is that it can be performed both directly as well as in a reverse position, with your back towards the audience member. 

Also, make sure to start this move slowly which will help build up excitement, and if required, you can increase the pace later on. 

3. The Hip Grind

The hip grind starts off in the same manner as the straddle with the stripper straddling the guest for whom the dance is being performed. However, instead of just slowly standing up and lowering yourself down, this move also involves swaying your hips in tune to the music. This swaying motion of the hips can be quite provocative and can create a tantalizing effect for the audience. 

Additionally, it can be combined with other moves such as body rolls, enhancing the effect of the move. For dance moves such as the hip grind, slower movements are generally more appealing than fast ones. 

Such slow dance moves can also help bring the attention of the guest to different parts of your body, thereby captivating their imagination.  Moreover, keep in mind that when straddling a guest, you might need to be in quite complicated positions, which require a great deal of flexibility, so warm up properly.

4. The Lean Back 

In this move, you’ll start off in a leaning position in front of the guest, gently swaying in a thrusting movement. Then, slowly lean back, drawing attention to your torso and the pelvic region. You can also grab her hands and start moving them up and down, starting from the chest and going down to the pelvic region. However, make sure to do this lightly and not forcibly, which will help create a more sensual appeal.  

The lean back is one of the more physically demanding dance moves, as it will require maintaining proper balance while leaning back. Again, this move can be performed both while facing the guest and in a reverse position, and both can be great for creating some interesting situations. You know how to get the ladies grooving during their hen’s party!

5. The Body Roll 

The body roll is not only a striptease dance move, but it’s also often incorporated into regular dances. Instead of facing the guest directly, you approach her diagonally, with one foot pointing towards the audience and the other resting sideways. Then, slowly lean the upper portion of your body back, and bend the knees while extending the pelvis forward at the same time. 

The next step is to slowly bring your pelvic region back, then the belly, followed by the upper torso, and finally the knees. While this dance move has to be performed slowly, there has to be a continuous sense of flowing motion about it, otherwise it can look awkward. The smoother the flow, the more impressive it will be. 

Final Words

Male striptease dancing is by no means an easy job and requires a lot of strength and flexibility. To become a good performer, you will need to combine several different moves and make them your own. And make sure you practice regularly and keep your body in good shape to be able to do intense dance moves with absolute ease.

Above all, it is extremely important to have a high level of confidence to be successful in this industry. On that note, it’s time to wrap things up. Until next time, take care!